Are You Ready to Finally Get What You're Worth?
How to Negotiate with Confidence, Clarity and Strength Using the B.O.L.D System


Are You Ready to Level-Up Your  Negotiation Skills and Achieve Much Bigger Wins?
If you are ready to CONFIDENTLY ask for what you want, and receive what you're worth, the B.O.L.D. system course will make it EASY for you to learn to do that.
The B.O.L.D. system is the only negotiation program designed to help women get what they want by understanding and utilizing the principles of poker. Yes I said Poker! And don’t worry if you have never played the game. This is about getting into the winning mindset!

The reality is you have been playing poker your entire life, even if you have never played a hand of cards. It’s about reading people, dealing with a bully, mixing up your game based on who you are playing with, and playing to win.  Sounds a lot like life doesn’t it?

This works for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, small business owners and senior executives ready to learn to ask for more and get what they are worth.
This System Will Change the Way You Negotiate Forever
After over a decade of helping professional women become better leaders and negotiators, I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works if you are:

 - Not being paid what you are worth and wanting more
 - In a rut at work looking to get a better job or promotion
 - Having trouble asking your clients for what you deserve
 - Get tripped up in a negotiation when dealing with a bully 
 - Looking to brush up on the negotiation skills you have and take them to the next level

More Praise for The B.O.L.D System for Negotiating

“Ellen Leikind has the ability to explain a complicated and emotional topic in a way that makes it easy to understand and even easier to execute. By using poker as a metaphor for negotiation and life, I developed clear pictures of what I needed to do; and was able to be clear on what I wanted, know that I was worth it, and not fear asking for it . Plus I really enjoyed it ."

Michelle M Accountant CPA

The 4 Key Steps To Becoming A Master Negotiator

Build a personality profile so you can  understand who you are playing with
Outline what matters to you so you know what to ask for
Leverage your power and persuasion to help you get what you want
Declare when it is over so you can take your win or fold and walk away

More Praise For the Program

When you look at me now you see a confident woman. This was not always the case. I had the drive and desire to win but did not know how to get there. Understanding poker taught me perspective and stifled my doubts about “being good enough” to earn my seat at the table. Not only can I negotiate a win, I can negotiate the next ask. Skills expected of any expert trader. But what really made me successful in my career was my ability to recognize opportunities and take them before I felt qualified - advancing upward from roles in finance to trading and then to portfolio management - all under 15 years at Two Sigma Investments. If I waited until I felt qualified, I would have waited a very long time. Poker taught me to take opportunities when they presented themselves. Don’t wait for the ask, make the ask. Be bold. 
Mee Warren, CFA, CAIA
Trader,Competitive Poker, Pool, and Bridge Player
I've attended Ellen's workshops over ten times; Ellen is an engaging speaker and her content is clear, actionable, and immediately usable. Learning business skills through poker strategy has enormously impacted my life, especially in regards to building strong relationships through negotiation. The Bold System gave me the courage and confidence to do what I've really wanted to do: start my own business! I can't thank you enough, Ellen!
Anne Ryan Career Coach, PokerDivas Poker Club Member

Ellen Leikind: Featured in Forbes, Success Magazine, CNBC and Parade

I know what it feels like. After negotiating for 20 years in corporate America and then as an entrepreneur, I know the challenges you face. Poker really was life changing for me. 

BUT it wasn’t just playing the game; it was the strategy that helped me learn to read people, assess risk and be the “bettor” one who raises their hand and asks. 

Now, you can do it, too!  

Welcome to the B.O.L.D System Course! 
Here is what is included:

  • Deal with difficult personality types
  • Confidently switch up your strategy and style based on who you are playing with
  • Know how to respond to silence or excessive talking
  • ​Interpret tells ("non-verbal cues") both yours and theirs
  • Define your "non-negotiables" vs. your "nice to haves" and what you can live without
  • Assess risk versus reward
  • Know how much and what to ask for and what your win is
  • Create your "marketing plan" to sell you 
  • Confidently ask for what you want without being modest
  • Use the facts to determine what to ask for
  • Perfect your poker face and when, how and who to bluff
  • ​Know when you have "The Nuts" (strength) to maximize your win
  • Not be thrown off by trash talk
  • How to respond to a no
  • Keep your emotions out of it and put on your poker face
  • When to take the deal
  • ​When to fold or walk away without sacrificing the relationship
  • ​What to do differently next time

Plus -- Six Weeks of Live Q&A Calls with Ellen and Group
AND -- A One-on-One Training Call with Ellen

And these Bonuses!

  • Learn how to play the game!
  • PokerDivas how to play strategy guide and game workbook
  • Play the game on a virtual live platform and connect with a strong community of women!
  • Free Membership!

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